Facebook Marketing

Facebook is hailed as a 'Unicorn' since the day it was launched and has only grown exponentially around the world. According to The Next contributor Simon Kemp, Facebook has 241 million active users in India as compared to the 240 million in the United States. It means that India has surpassed the United States to become the number one market for Facebook.

He further adds that the number of Facebook users in India has grown by 27% in the last 6 months, that's approximately 50 million more new users, which is twice the number that grew in the US. These very attractive numbers mean that Facebook is an apt space for anyone searching for a place to visually showcase their business.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of the digital marketing strategy to boost the organic traffic on to your website. It is rightly said that, visibility gives more business and hence the pagerank appear on the search engine will give a boost in the popularity and business. Search Engine Optimization has gone through a lot of changes since its adoption. Initially the main strategy like link building, keyword stuffing, etc., were used mostly by the Search Engine Optimizers. However, today the general practice has changed. Being a Google Trusted Partner, Versatile Advertising understands the current and ongoing changes done by Google in their search algorithms.

Our SEO at Versatile Advertising start with on-page optimization, where we do a complete analysis of the website and then we move towards changes to be implemented to bring in natural or organic traffic to the website. Our SEO team of Google Certified Experts is well versed with Google Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird updates in the algorithms and hence we follow the recent updated rules rigorously. Our highly trained Search Engine Optimization experts have proven in the past with their best website optimization and reach to the higher search rankings and become visible in Google, Yahoo and Bing top 10 ranking. .

Google Pramotion

At the moment, more than 450 million Indians connect to the Internet actively via Google. It is an information-hungry world and Google is the destination of the world today. Nowadays, everyone wants everything on their fingertips. 'Just Google it' is the buzzword for anyone who wants information about anything at all. With this kind of user base in India, Google has the potential to effectively showcase your business to this huge user base. Research has shown that advertising on Google Ads helps generate a good number of views and visits to websites. In this tech-savvy world, where our websites are our virtual addresses, it is important for your business to get noticed online through Google ads. And, SAVIT Interactive, a Google advertising company, is perfect to help you with this.

Currently, almost all companies today have a website. While everyone does not run Google ads, everyone wants to be found on the first page of search through the ad slots. This kind of reach and viewership is simply irresistible. Whenever we want any information we simply 'Google it'. This gives us lakhs of pages in the results. In this crowded place, it is very important to position your website correctly. Because, you would not want to miss out on this great opportunity, now would you? A good Google advertising company will ensure you are not lost in the crowd.

Acralic Board

Acrylic signs make the perfect indoor and outdoor signage solution most commonly used on light boxes, buildings, retail stores and offices. Resistant to water damage and fading, Acrylic signs are perfect for medium to long term interior and exterior use, making them a versatile, elegant choice for range of applications. Ideal as exterior retail signage for pulling in foot traffic and interior branding, our acrylic signs are sure to be an asset to your business’ branding efforts.

Be Impeccable with Your Promotional Tactics with Acrylic Signs:

Yes, this is true. You need to be very precise and selective when it comes to advertising and promotional ways. Relying on or following corny styles won’t land your brand to better brand building and strengthening. Therefore, if you are looking ahead to invest in advertising practices, don’t just go for dull mediums rather invest in innovative tools that surely take your brand to new heights.

Best of Signs has a plethora of tools and tactics to keep you in prime focus by outshining other brands present at the events outside. If we say in particular, here’s an assorted range in Acrylic Signs to embellish the doors and walls of your corporate workspaces and commercial premises too.

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